Employee Engagement & Staff Surveys

"Our approach is to ensure organisations achieve better employee engagement by opening up communication about what the strengths and the areas for development in your organisation are. The second part of the process involves working with your organisation to improve employee engagement by implementing the changes identified by the employee survey."

SEG can provide a number of standardised individual feedback surveys based on extensive experience and research across organisations. We can map this information against individual and team metrics so and built the required changes into your staff engagement strategy so you can identify how to engage staff your staff more effectively. We typically produce an employee survey action plan and a range of services to help individuals process and work with their feedback

Our psychologists can also work with you to develop bespoke survey’s which address issues that are particular to your organisation. We will work with you to develop the staff survey questions for your engagement survey. Our approach to employee survey design is to involve all key stakeholders in the design of the staff questionnaire.

Each employee survey is objectively checked using the latest scientific techniques to ensure the items are both reliable and valid. SEG is able to identify meaningful comparator organisation information so that you can benchmark your organisation and staff against other leading organisations.

As part of the process we make available:

  • 1 to 1 sessions with an executive coach for managers.

  • Group debriefs to encourage action learning.

  • Team development days to build in house staff engagement capability

We also provide analysis of the organisational data so that organisations can better understand their leadership capability.

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